Flat Bar :

Often, when shipping large modules, such as tanks, boats, or construction equipment on container vessels, there are challenges in loading and securing them at the port of origin, and there can also be similar problems at the port of discharge.

Uses For Flat Bars

With a flat surface and a rectangular face, a flat bar skateboarding is extremely versatile and can be used for a wide variety of projects. Here are four of the most popular uses for skateboarding flat bars: Frame Construction, Building Support, Improvements & Additions Industrial Artwork


Flat profile rails have been around a respectable 35 years and round-rail technology has honed to near perfection over the last 60 years. The inherent design problems have long been ironed out, and materials have improved dramatically.

Uses of Round-rail

Round rails, on the other hand, have a circular cross-section and are commonly used as handrails, guardrails, and safety barriers. They can be found on stairs, balconies, and walkways and are typically made from metal or plastic. 

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