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Aero bars consist of two parts: a curved tube that you hold onto and a tube that you attach to the bike. Secondly, there is an armrest that features foam padding to provide superior comfort, allowing you to maintain the same position for longer or shorter periods of time.

There are several types of aero bars, including clip-on aerobars, triathlon aerobars, and tri-bars. Aero bars mount close to the handlebar center and cantilever over the front wheel. By lowering your upper body and bringing your arms in line with your torso, you can achieve a more aerodynamic position. Aero bars provide both hand grips and arm rests, reducing wrist and hand pressure significantly compared to other handlebar positions. Clip-on aero bars allow you to adjust the height and separation of the bars and arm rests to find the best balance between aerodynamic positioning and comfort.

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You can choose from a variety of options on the market, depending on your preferences:

  • Generally, elite triathletes prefer short aero bars (no longer than the handlebars) for short-distance races (draft legal). Amateurs are generally not allowed to use them in draft-legal races. It is the longer aero bars that are used in non-drafting races.
  • A one-piece bar vs. two separate bars: You might find aero bars with two fixed bars. You will be able to make fewer adjustments, but the installation will be simpler. 
  • In terms of the shape of the aerobars, they can be curved differently depending on what position you want to take. The most popular curves are S or L curves. Trying different shapes is the best way to decide which one to buy. There are, however, often limitations to this, unless you already have tri-friends.
  • Most aero roof bars are carbon or aluminum, and their weight is directly related to their price. 
  • A number of adjustments are possible: some aero cross bars have more adjustable features than others. If the armrests (where your elbows rest) are adjustable, it is worth checking. As a result, I bought the Profile Design T4+ (picture below), where the armrest is independent of the handlebar fixation.


Pros And Cons Of Aero Bars


  1. You get a position that allows your hands to rest
  2. You have a better aero position which means you can either go faster or lower your effort to go the same speed


  1. You’ll never hear the end of people making fun of you for having “go fast bars” on a century bike
  2. slight weight increase
  3. They do look dorky
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Stainless Steel Round Bars

Polymers can easily replace metals in many applications, but they cannot eliminate the versatility provided by metallic parts. It is impossible for polymers to match certain properties of metals. It is possible that the loading efficiency and weight of metal bars are the most important factor of all.

It’s easy to distribute and competitively priced; this makes iron and steel the first choice when it comes to products. Among steel bars used in construction and other engineering occupations, round bars, roof rack vs roof rails are particularly common due to their flexibility. Here are five things you should know about round steel bars:

Strength Of Round Bars

One of the most important properties of a steel round ring, round roof is its power. That is why steel is preferable to others, because the greater the load bearing capacity, the more they are used in engineering. Depending on the end-use, the load required can differ. To begin with, the round bars needed for building must be stronger than those used in the automotive industry.

Elasticity of Round Bars

It is important for the circular block to have an elastic design, even though it is within limits. The lack of elasticity previously was not considered a primary concern; however, over time, it was found that weak points developed along the length of the load that would give up when the weight became excessive. Today, durability is paramount, especially in construction where the goal is to make them earthquake-proof. In order to satisfy such a standard, the rods must be elastic within certain limits. Additionally, they need to be able to regain their original form and size once the external power is removed. It is therefore crucial to know the range of extensions needed for a specific end use before selecting the round bars.

Diameter of Round Bars

There is no doubt that it is the most prominent feature. Load-bearing power of round bars is directly affected by this. When deciding, the diameter must be measured based on the case’s requirements. For buildings and heavy engineering operations, thicker diameters may be preferred, but for cars and other light industrial applications, thinner ones may be preferred. There is a wide range of thickness between 6 mm and 60 mm.

Ductility of Round Bars

The properties of steel components are generally malleable and ductile. By doing this, the user interface becomes more user-friendly. In general, the more desirable these properties are, the more easily the round bars can be cut and molded. However, too much of these properties can again negatively impact intensity reduction, which is often to be avoided. It is therefore necessary for a person to understand the property specifications before purchasing round steel bars.

Use of Round Bars

It is important to consider the end-use of a circular bar when selecting one. The specifications of the required property as well as the expense optimization are described here. By selecting the lower limits for assets beyond the standard of protection and understanding the exact technological specifications of the end users, a consumer can stop paying higher prices and minimize prices.

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