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The metal stainless steel was created when different metals were combined. A variety of metals make up stainless steel, which is a strong alloy. Among the metals in this alloy are chromium, nickel, molybdenum, silicon, aluminum, and most importantly, carbon. The strength and effectiveness of stainless steel are attributed to all of its metals; chromium makes up 10-11 percent of the alloy, while carbon makes up 0.03-1.00 percent, while molybdenum and nickel combine to make stainless steel corrosion- and rust-resistant. Different characteristics of stainless steel make it easier to identify. The high lustrous quality of SS comes from the presence of Chromium in specific ratios.

Since the invention of stainless steel, it has played an integral role in many industries, including automobiles, manufacturing, heavy engineering, telecommunications, shafts, pumps, and electric motors. There is no segment of human life that can proceed further without the help of stainless steel. It is hygienic, rust-free, and resistant to heat, cold, and rain, which makes it the ultimate choice. Therefore, these useful products are heavily relied upon for both residential and industrial applications.

Stainless Steel Bright Bars

Bright bars are raw materials created from stainless steel alloys in a cold reduction mill by cold drawing. The molecular structure of these bright bars is geometrically precise and their surface finish is extremely smooth. Therefore, they are known as ‘Bright Bars’. Carbon and other elements, such as chromium, manganese, iron, etc., are also present in varying degrees. It generally consists of stainless steel with varying amounts of carbon. 

The corrosion-resistant properties of bright bars make them extremely popular throughout almost all industries. Their strength, durability, and corrosion resistance are the key benefits of bright bars steel. Among their many advantages are their excellent weldability and machinability, which makes them widely used for precision machining and large, rigid constructions, bright bar prices.


How is the bright bar manufactured?

Bharat Bright bars private limited are made from black bars which are the initial raw product obtained after melting raw materials. They are formed with a cold drawing process where it is cooled at room temperature and subjected to further fine-finishing processes such as annealing, turning, grinding, polishing, etc. With the help of these secondary processes, the final product can have a closer dimensional tolerance with a range of surface finishes for distinct purposes. Along with a superior surface finishing, they also possess a higher degree of susceptibility, concentricity, straightness and corrosion resistance. 

There are many reasons why stainless steel bright bars cannot be replaced. In spite of concrete, wood or other synthetic fibers, stain steel bright bars remain unbeatable when it comes to anti-corrosion properties, durability, strength, and reliability. There are many shapes of stainless steel bright bars manuafacturer, including flat, round, hexagonal, and square. Generally, the shape of the bar indicates which applications it can be used for. There are different applications and uses for stainless steel bright bars, and they are available in different sizes as well. There are a number of types of bars, but a bright round bar has one of the most important applications. 

The manufacturing of bright bar via drawing process involves three basic steps:

Rolling raw materials:

The raw material is passed through several hot-rollers at temperatures that are higher than steel’s recrystallization temperature. This process doesn’t allow any precise control over the forming of the bar, which makes it uneven and extruded.

Drawing Process:

After cooling the bar down to room temperature, it is passed through a drawing machine. The machine is fixed with a die which reduces the bar by its diameter while increasing its length.

Final Product:

The final product obtained from the drawing machine is a finely surfaced bright bar with enhanced mechanical and chemical properties.

A round metal bar has a number of unique properties, including:

  1. Strength to withstand any physical or most chemical conditions.
  2. Resistance against extreme climatic conditions.
  3. Cost effective and durable.

Applications of SS Bright Bar

The alloy is commonly employed in plants and businesses due to its high corrosion resistance. In order to transport crude oil to the refinery, the Petroleum Refinery uses stainless steel bright bars as pipes. Boilers use this alloy as the outside coating since it is capable of handling steam, fluids, and other substances. Stainless Steel Bright Bars are used in pipelines because they are capable of withstanding water for long periods of time. As this alloy is resistant to water and steam, it is also commonly found in cooling towers and steam exhausts.

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