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Stainless Steel Black Bars Specification includes Size in the range of 3.17mm to 350 mm diameter, Length from 4 meters to 6 meters, Tolerance of DIN 671, ASTM A484 & as per customer’s specific requirements, Finish of Bright, Black, Polish, Cold drew, Centerless Ground, and Polished Form. NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 is the standard by which we produce black bars.

It can be precisely said that SS Black Bars are among the core elements of any manufacturing industry or, so far as that is concerned, any business that depends on machinery. Due to the versatility of its applications, ASTM A276 Stainless Steel Black Bar is used in a wide variety of industries, including shipbuilding, defense, automotive, textiles, paper and pulp, fabrication, cement, heavy earth moving equipment, as well as construction, among others. Is one leading Manufacturer, Supplier & Stockist Of Round Bars.


In general, stainless steel black bars come in different shapes like flat, round, hexagonal, and square, but it is mainly the form of the rod that determines its application space. The applications and the uses of steel bars differ depending on the type and size that they come in. In addition to being an ISO-certified and PED-approved company, is one of the best Duplex Steel Black Bar Suppliers and Super Duplex Steel Black Bar Exporters in India and other countries such as Nigeria, Malaysia, France, Canada, Egypt, Gabon, Germany, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Ecuador, Turkey, Libya, Sweden, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Denmark, etc. The company offers innovation, quality, and service in the form of a durable and attractive product that symbolizes excellence. offers an affordable price per kg for SS UNS S31703 Round Bars in India, available in all ranges and sizes with a quick delivery option. The large pieces are packaged loosely, while the larger ones are safely covered in plastic woven bags and made suitable for lifting operations. Packaged in bundles of strong hexagonal steel bars, large pieces are packaged loosely. As per the customer’s request, these items are loaded into a 40ft or 20ft container as per their specifications.


SS Black Round Bar:

A stainless steel Black round bar is one of the most important components of the machining business. Stainless steel Black round bars can be easily cut and machined into tools, which is why they are used to make machine components as well as automobile components. Stainless steel Black round bars are widely used for machining, fasteners, grills, and other types of products because of their excellent corrosion resistance. We, at, are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of stainless steel round Black bars in India. As a result of these calcium-treated bars having free-machining grades, they are able to be machined more quickly and for longer periods of time. 

These specialty round bars, with precisely straightened and mirror-finish surfaces, are frequently used in the fabrication of various machine parts. If you just use the bars for their strength and corrosion resistance, then this is not an issue, since hot-rolled stainless steel Black round bars have a rougher surface than drawn bars. In spite of flat surface and lower absolute roughness, Cold Drawn Stainless Steel Black Round Bars are commonly used in decorative applications and outdoor fixtures because of their flat surface and low absolute roughness. As well as the height of the bars, the radius varies from 5 millimeters to 450 millimeters. A bar or rod’s application will depend both on the requirements of the application as well as the grade of the material. A number of standards describe how these items are produced and applied. In contrast to forged bars, ASTM A276 Stainless Steel Bar is a specification for hot rolled and cold drawn stainless steel bars, with the exception of forged bars. What is the Black rod


Application and Uses of SS Black Round Bar

Except for reforging bars, ASTM A276 Round Bars cover hot-finished and cold-finished stainless steel rod Stock. Forged stainless steel round bars are much stronger, heavier, and more robust than cast or machined pieces. A variety of industries utilize Stainless Steel Black Round Bars, including defense, shipbuilding, aerospace, clothing, fabrication, cement, heavy earthmoving machinery, paper and pulp, and manufacturing.

  • The SS black round bar is used in heavy engineering industries for the manufacture of heavy machines and tools used in the manufacture of different products.
  • Steel sizes are used in the construction of railway engines and coaches
  • In the agricultural sector, round bars are used to make the machinery and equipment that are necessary for the production of food.
  • A black metal rod used in the chemical industry can be found here
  • In the food processing industry, round bars are also used to manufacture machines that are used in the production process.
  • Black stainless steel round bars are commonly used in the plumbing industry
  • There is a need for mid-temperature Black oxide on Stainless Steel Vendor in the oil and petroleum industry is a leading supplier, stockist, manufacturer & exporter of SS Black Round Bar Manufacturer, Supplier, Stockist & Exporter from India. Get in touch with us for the Best rates & Availability Of 630 Round Bars & Other Grades.

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